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Arizona & Phoenix Local News
Arizona Welcomes Its First Hemp Licence
June 12, 2019
Hemp flowers on the field

On the last day of May began a new chapter in Arizona’s agricultural history, as Governor D. Ducey made hemp cultivation legal in the state of Arizona. Hemp Consulting company from Arizona was the first to get the license for hemp cultivation. This company leads its clients through the whole process of hemp production. The company consults both agricultural workers that wish to cultivate the plant and the investors that want to profit from this new line of industry. The company provides support for their clients from the moment the seeds are planted to the sale of the final products. The Arizona Hemp Consultants are leasing a ranch close to Wikieup, northwest of Phoenix.

The new law in Arizona allows cultivation of hemp plants with THC levels lower than 0.3%. The THC is the chemical that is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Due to the THC abilities to impact the nervous system and alter brain communication, the new law on hemp can include drastic measures for farmers whose hemp plants THC levels exceed 0.3%. According to the law, crops that test for illegal levels of THC must be destroyed.

Hamp Has Numerous Industrial Applications

The hemp plant can be used for various products, from food to fabrics and cosmetics. Besides this, hemp can be used for paper production. The pharmaceutical industry can also benefit from this law since hemp can be used for the production of various medications, thanks to the phytocannabinoid CBD. This substance is considered to be beneficial to anxiety, pain, and insomnia treatments.

Experts welcome this new law as the hemp market is rapidly growing. The latest projections show that the global CBD market is going to reach $20 billion in the next three-year period. The new legislation that legalizes hemp production helps the development of various lines of industry in Arizona. Farmers, investors, and consultants from Arizona state, they will all benefit from this law.

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