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Phoenix Got Into the Program ‘City Works’
June 13, 2019
Lyft app on the phone

Drena Kusari, the Southwest regional director, said that this represents their commitment to the community. Additionally, she said that being a part of the local community is what is most important to them. The goal of this program is to provide discounted rides to and from grocery stores to the ones who live in a so-called “food desert.” A “food desert” refers to the part of the town where people don’t have grocery stores.

Kusari added that while the research was underway, they found out how broad those areas were across Maricopa County. What’s more, she asserted that residents of these areas would see the benefits of discounted rides.

This company has joined with companies Bashas’, Food City, and United Way, and they will provide up to 12 round-trip services that will cost $2.50. Individuals will be able to go to any of the 16 Food City locations across the valley. In comparison to a bus ride, Kusari pointed out that Lyft is more convenient because they will be picking up customers from their homes, and the prices are almost the same as the bus tickets.

Their goal is to offer 3,000 round trips in the first three months, and they hope to prolong this program after these three months. Phoenix is the 14th city that joined this program.

This program is a part of their “City Works” program. Namely, they are working alongside the cities’ officials to help citizens of their areas, Kusari explained. Interestingly, they have pledged an enormous amount of money to this program — around $50 million. Estimates say that there are 23.5 million people living in food deserts and who don’t have the possibility of buying fresh vegetables and fruits.

All that people have to do is to download the app, register, and type in the code “FoodAcessPHX” if they want to receive the discounted rides to and from Food City. Users who already possess the app can register for the process as well by writing down the same code.

Kusari firmly believes that everyone needs an option to buy fresh and healthy food, and also, she stated that there were issues related to shopping in the neighborhood.

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