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The Irreversible Annihilation Cycle
June 13, 2019
Global Warming Desert on Earth

Global warming is the phrase used for decades to illustrate a temperature increase in the Earth’s atmosphere. Although it is a natural effect, scientists discuss the possibility of human impact on our planet’s atmosphere. The future illustrated by the researchers depicts a bleak version of the Earth we are not ready to inhabit.

The past few months have been marked with a series of discussions on global climate change. Various reports and research papers summarize the potential scenario for the changes that might take place in the next 30 years. The results show the future with collapsed ecosystems, entire countries unpopulated, and extreme heat.

Global Warming Hot SunThe human actions and their influence on global climate change have been addressed numerous times. In the past few weeks, an entire team of scientists and government officials have taken upon themselves to research the ways of stopping further decline of life on Earth. To further explain the importance of the issue, they have also depicted possibilities of a Dystopian future for the entire humankind. The previous public reports by different scientists announced a sudden increase in global temperatures. That change is evident today through wildfires and floods.

The official statement of Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii explains climate change today. There has been an unprecedented increase in carbon dioxide levels. The Observatory claims that CO2 build-up warms the Earth, thus changing the climate. The report of the Mauna Loa officials shows that the CO2 levels in the last thousands of years have now reached their highest point.

The increase of the gas in the atmosphere has led to the global temperature rise of 1 degree Celsius, approximately 33 degrees Fahrenheit. The scientists suggest that the entire planet will experience an additional increase in temperature in the years to come. Overall, they are concerned about the possible outcomes of global warming.

What these surveys and reports show is a disturbing version of life on Earth. The new increase could have catastrophic repercussions primarily for the coral reefs, which are already disappearing from the ocean floor. The natural habitat for many underwater creatures, as well as a source of food, the coral reefs will be the first to be affected. In case of an additional temperature increase of 1.5 degzees Celsius or 34.7 degrees Fahrenheit, the corals will diminish by 70–90%.

Over one million species today are on the brink of extinction. If further increase in temperature occurs, many of them will be inevitably lost. The mammals are in great danger, including the wild animals whose numbers have decreased over the past few years. On top of that, Earth’s greenery will diminish by 8% in total, and the planet’s waters will have 4% less fish.

Humankind will be more than affected since some parts of Asia will no longer be habitable. The heat wave will not leave the rest of the planet unaffected — in economical and every other sense. The “apocalyptic consequences,” as some dramatic researchers call climate change, will have a considerable impact on the world as we know it within the next 30 years.

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