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The Long-Awaited Statement Cheered the Community
June 12, 2019
Arizona Stadium

Last month coach Taylor lost his position with the Arcadia’s football team, as the contract that he had with school expired. However, on June 10, Principal Todd Stevens and Superintendent John Kriekard went public with their decision to keep Taylor as the Titan’s coach.

Stevens and Kriekard stated that the gesture of the members of the community who came forward and expressed their opinion that losing Taylor would have a negative impact on student-athletes, helped them realize that Taylor should keep his duties. The official called Taylor for a dialog, and they reached an agreement regarding the future of the student-athletes program.

Later in the statement, the school officials said that they concluded that keeping Taylor is in the best interest of the students and the future of the team. The official also took a chance to apologize to Taylor, and the community, and to express their optimism regarding the upcoming season. Stevens and Kriekard ended their statement by expressing gratitude to all the members of the local community that selflessly shared their time, and helped them to reach the decision that is in everyone’s best interest.

Student-Athletes Welcome Their Coach Back

Student-athletes welcomed the renewal of Taylor’s contract, and they are thrilled to have their coach back in the team. When one hears the student-athletes words of gratitude and appreciation for all that Kerry Taylor taught them, it becomes crystal clear that Arcadia officials brought the right decision. During his career, Kerry Taylor won “Coach of the Week” and won six games with his team. Since the beginning of last season, Taylor has shown to be a highly successful coach and beloved educator.

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