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Users’ Concerns About iTunes
June 13, 2019
iTunes on the screen of phone

Many Apple users have wondered what will happen when they stop using iTunes. Well, to sum up, it will stay active for a while, and users will be able to choose what they are going to do with their accounts.

Now and Then

iTunes appeared in 2001, and it was very convenient for users because it allowed them to choose songs or just one song from the artists’ album, and put them on their playlist. After choosing songs and placing them on a playlist, they could put that list on a CD and listen to it in a car as well.

Nowadays, iTunes isn’t as useful as it was; people don’t sync songs to their iPods or cell phones like before. What’s more, people stream now.

Three Apps Instead of One

Apple’s idea is to divide iTunes into three independent applications: Podcasts, Music, and TV. Users who own an iPhone already have these three apps, and this company is going to recreate that setup for computers that use MacOS. So far, syncing was iTunes’s task, but from now on, that task will be performed by the OS.

Changes and What They Entail

Apple production mouse and laptop Every version of MacOS has a unique name; this one is called Catalina, and it will be released in autumn 2019. After releasing Catalina, the change will automatically commence. The ones who choose to install the new OS version will have their music, podcasts, and TV shows relocated to the appropriate apps.

When it comes to playlists, all of them, including the music that you pulled from CDs, will be shown in the Music app. As before, it will be possible to buy music from the iTunes Store, and iTunes gift cards will carry on functioning as usual. Interestingly, MacOS users can decide not to upgrade to the new version, and nothing will change.

Individuals who use iTunes on a Windows computer won’t see these changes. There was no mention of doing that for Windows users, but since many iPhone and iPod users use Windows, the changes might happen at some point in the future.

If you’re considering using one of the many streaming services but not Apple Music, that won’t be a problem; there’s an app for that. A stamp will let you move your playlist from iTunes to Google Play Music, Amazon Music, or Spotify. There’s a version that is free but also limited. Unlimited usage of this app will be possible after users pay $9.99, and they will be able to use it on a desktop or iOS device.

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Many Apple users have wondered what will happen when they stop using iTunes. Well, to sum up, it will stay active for a while, and users will be […]

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