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Veterans Are Thrilled With the New Act
June 13, 2019
Veterans of US on the background of American flag

Donald Trump signed the Mission Act last year. Now veterans can seek help outside the Veterans Affairs Medical Center if they need to wait a lot for some procedures. This law was enforced purposely on D-day.

From this point on, for the primary care, the limit is 20 days, and in case that veterans need to drive longer than 30 minutes, according to this law, these expenses will be paid as well.

Prior to this law, there was one that allowed veterans to get health care outside of the VA Medical Center. That law, the Choice Act, allowed them to seek medical care elsewhere if they couldn’t get it in 30 days at the VA. What’s more, their expenses were covered in full.

Veteran Medical Help Chief of staff, Maureen McCarthy, said that this law made everything easier and more convenient for veterans and for the employees of the VA. She added that there were people putting forth false information and that she was worried that people might get misinformed.

Namely, there is a rumor that indicates that patients will not be able to choose their doctor and that they will lack the ability to receive care in their community. The other rumor is that veterans will be able to get medical care wherever and whenever. McCarthy pointed out that none of those were true and that the right answer was somewhere in between.

Having all of that in mind, she encouraged people to call the VA and find out the correct information and what type of medical care they could get.

Austin Sargent, who has PTSD and bone issues after his service in the Middle East, said that this was a good thing not just for himself but for the other veterans who couldn’t come into the VA hospital as well.

Cheryl Schmidt, an army vet who had hurt her back from the time of Desert Storm, has admitted that she had been following the Mission Act since its introduction to the Congress.

Additionally, the Mission Act will allow veterans to have three visits a year for urgent situations, and all of that would require $0 from veterans themselves.

McCarthy explained how this would be more efficient. According to the Mission Act, everything will be in one package, contrary to the earlier situation when we had several different options.

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