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Is the First Monsoon Storm in Arizona Approaching? Clouds and Light Rain Present in the Phoenix Area
July 20, 2019
Light Rain Pheonix Area


A light rain some people may have seen while going to work on Friday morning does not mean that the first monsoon storm of this season is approaching, in spite of wishful thinking.

They were merely a few lucky ones, as the major part of the precipitation evaporates before reaching the ground due to the dry air of the Valley, according to Andrew Deemer, National Weather Service meteorologist.

The described occurrence is called “virga,” which means that no measurable rainfall has been reported by any station. Precipitation greater than 1/100 of an inch starting from 8:30 a.m. classifies as measurable rainfall.

As stated by Deemer, the amount of moisture was not crucial for a classic monsoon thunderstorm.

Clouds have been expected to remain above the area approximately until the afternoon and prevent temperatures from reaching the extent of 114 degrees Fahrenheit. This was the temperature measured in Phoenix on Thursday, making it the hottest day of the current year so far.

However, the relief is temporary. Deemer stated that temperatures would remain around 110 degrees until Monday at least.

In spite of the moisture coming from Mexico, the level of humidity is still rather low. Therefore, temperatures are unlikely to feel significantly warmer in comparison to those the thermometer indicates, according to Deemer.

There are certain implications that the air will remain moist during the next week. However, it is still too early to predict its impact on the possibility for the first monsoon storm of this year’s season.

He said that although the situation seemed promising, he was not sure about the eventual outcome.

The system that is currently in motion on the territory of Arizona may cause dust storms and affect the wind velocity in the Valley during the weekend. However, as claimed by Deemer, the possibility for such aftermath was low. He concluded by saying that high temperatures were still the greatest hazard in Arizona.

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