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Lost Dog and Her Owner Reunited After Almost Three Months
July 16, 2019
Dog reunion rat terrier mix

Phoenix, Arizona — A dog has been found alive and well at Mogollon Rim almost three months following her disappearance.

Two hikers saw Sushi, a 13-year-old rat-terrier mix, early on the 4th of July. Michael Hernandez, the owner living in Phoenix, said that his brother, who lives in Strawberry, had been taking care of his dog because he had been in the process of moving. Sushi wound up running away from home. She was eventually found eight miles away from Hernandez’s brother’s home.

Sushi disappeared on April 12.

Hernandez spoke of the unfortunate event and said his brother called him and told him that his dog had disappeared. As claimed by Hernandez, his brother went searching for her. However, she was assumed to have taken the wrong way and got lost, since the area is surrounded by forest. Hernandez said he had been overwhelmed by the occurrence and started crying.

Hernandez drove up right away and began looking for Sushi. He even put up posters in the area and posted an announcement on the “Payson’s Lost and Found Pets” page on Facebook.

Days upon days passed, and Hernandez did not give up hope.

Hernandez said that he kept checking the pages and the Payson’s lost pets. He wanted to know right away in case someone saw her.

People who eventually found Sushi were Ryan Kress and his friend. The two of them were hiking at the Mogollon Rim.

During a phone interview, Kress stated that the dog appeared as he and his friend looked at the sign. They had already descended to the bottom of the rim by that time. As he described the event, Kress said they had lifted the dog and noticed she had been shaking. She was obviously scared.

The two hikers carried the dog all the way back to the top.

Kress said they feared she might die before reaching the top.

Kress managed to find Hernandez’s brother in Strawberry a mere few hours after rescuing Sushi. He apparently saw the post on the “Payson’s Lost and Found Pets” Facebook page.

Hernandez stated that Sushi had managed to survive for three months off of her fat and muscles. As claimed by him, bones on her back are visible at the moment.

Sushi is now gradually recovering.

Hernandez thanked Kress and everyone else involved in the process of saving his dog and bringing her back to him.

Sushi is now staying with Hernandez’s brother, recovering. Hernandez plans to go back there on Friday to see how she is doing. However, this time, he will also meet Kress.

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