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Mexican Government Responsible for the Drop of Rate of Arrests at the Border, According to Officials
July 26, 2019
Border Arrest

Phoenix — People getting arrested at the border is a less frequent occurrence, thanks to the Mexican government and its involvement in the matter, as claimed by immigration officials.

In the statement he gave on Thursday to KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Arizona’s Morning News, Jim Curran, Border Patrol Agent, said the border apprehension rate in the Tucson Sector was reduced by 20%, whereas the same rate dropped by a significant 50% in Yuma.

The overall number of arrests at the border had grown to almost 133,000 in May. That was the first time the number of apprehensions surpassed 100,000, which had been the number of apprehensions in April 2007. In June, around 95,000 people were arrested, which was a 28% decrease.

According to Curran, the involvement of Mexican partners in terms of enforcement operations has a great impact on the whole situation.

The National Border Patrol Council president, Brandon Judd, agreed that the number of arrests at the border dropped due to Mexico’s involvement.

As Judd stated on Wednesday, in an interview with Arizona’s Morning News, had the collaboration of the state with the government of Mexico existed in the past, the issue on the border would not have occurred.

According to him, if the country of Mexico keeps doing what it has been doing recently, the situation on the border will improve, as it will be possible to handle it better.

As claimed by Curran, the fewer arrests there are, the better can the agency supervise the arrival of immigrants in custody.

He said that the current situation allowed them to concentrate on things that constituted law enforcement operations.

He concluded by stating that the safety of the holding facilities had improved due to an efficient flow of people through the system.

Around 2,000 families were allowed to enter the state of Arizona over the latest span of three weeks, which lasted from June 17 to July 1. For the sake of comparison, 3,000 units entered the state in a two-week period.

The total of 40,000 people has entered the state since December 21.

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