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Custom Made Cookies in Arizona Bakery
August 30, 2019
Custom Made Cookies in Arizona Bakery

The cookie shop in Arizona started as a family secret and turned into a local business. The family living in the area was well known to their friends and neighbors by the taste of delicious cookies. The delicacy made by the head of the family led his daughter Alison Martin to open a shop to make these delectable treats.

A simple household recipe for crunchy cookies was intended to be a treat for family and friends visiting the Martins. Long since then, sweets have turned into a business for this family. The Noms Bake Shop in central Arizona is a cookie shop specializing in custom made personalized cookies for every opportunity. The co-owner Alison Martin stated that her father’s secret recipe is what persuaded them to open the shop.

The name of the business is associated with the feeling of eating something delicious. According to the co-owner, her father’s cookies exuded admiration and delight in anyone who tasted them. Therefore his daughter decided to name the bakery Noms Bake Shop. Since its opening, the bakery had a corporate clientele and people who like the surprising individuality. They offer personalized cookies in the custom made box to make a recipient have a memorable experience.

The plain grandma’s cookies are not where this family stops. They have expanded their line of work with additional flavors and ideas. There are gluten-free and vegan-friendly options as well. In the recent brainstorming, they have added a new aroma to broaden their assortment. According to Chelsea Martin, the shop offers a full scope of different and unexpected flavors.

The idea of the bakery is providing fresh-baked cookies with a unique spin. The cookies are all custom made according to consumer wishes and ideas. Instead of the customers giving a gift they must, they can give one they want to, added the co-founder, Martin.

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