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Does the FaceApp Represent a Danger to the Users’ Privacy?
August 25, 2019

FaceApp, the photo editing free app which has been on the Google Play Store for two years, has raised some privacy concerns. The recent investigation of the developers who created the app points to Russian based owners. Since the app was not created on American soil, the users are distressed over their privacy. But is the app more alarming than social media platforms?

The consumers normally download the app without bothering to read the privacy policy. But, when the general public issued a security and privacy concern, the downloaded software had been installed on the device for quite some time. Some of the IT specialists in AI face recognition technology claim the app is no less dangerous than social media networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

The popular image-altering software is Russian made, which changes the uploaded image according to users wishes. The popular feature of the app is aging the picture of a person. After 80 million active users, the panic started when the news published the country of origin of the popular face recognition software.

Yaroslav Goncharov, the CEO of the FaceApp, studied computer science in his hometown of Saint Petersburg. Goncharov got a job with Microsoft in the U.S. The CEO explains he got interested in AI face recognition, which led him to develop the software. The software uses AI technology to recognize human facial features and apply the filter which can age the person or change ethnicity.

The latter created a commotion among the press, which criticized the feature as inappropriate. The disturbance in enjoyers of the app addresses what happens to the image they uploaded. According to the developers, the photo is erased after 48 hours. The consumer has a choice to select a privacy mode found in the settings of the user menu.

The menu which opens when selecting Support in Settings, shows a button Report a Bug. Consumers can contact developers, by using the word Privacy in the subject line. A database of 150 million images is what concerns the users and their privacy.

The experts in the industry claim that users should be more concerned with the information they leave on social media than the images and data on the company servers. The social media platforms require details about the users’ identity before everything. The birth date, full users name, cell phone information, email or street address, and a credit card number is stored, and the deletion upon request is much more questionable than FaceApp image.

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