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Iran’s President Comments on Prime Minister Sanctioned by the US Government
August 16, 2019
Iran’s President

President Trump’s office announced administrative sanctions targeting the Iranian Foreign Minister. Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran, declared the sanctions are an immature gesture of the U.S. Government.

President Trump established financial sanctions aimed toward the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as a means to further urge the Iranian Government to seize their activity in the Persian Gulf.

The recent events which took place along the Iranian coastline initiated the penalty upon Minister Zarif. The British naval warship escorting a flagged oil tanker which entered the waters of the Persian Gulf was seized by the coastguard after a brief conversation. The U.S. believes that was an act of retaliation of Iran after their tanker was captured by the British Government.

After the U.S. issued sanctions upon the Foreign Minister Zarif, both he and the President did not stay silent. In his tweet, Zarif stated that the penalty does not influence on him nor his family. The Foreign Minister further explained that he has no business nor real estate outside his homeland.

Iranian Foreign Minister was an initiator of eastern nuclear deal four years prior. Trump’s penalty aimed at Zarif followed the sanction of Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

President Hassan Rouhani responded to the act as being immature when it comes to politics. Rouhani also added that the United State’s constant talks of negotiation between the west and Iran do not display peaceful intentions with sanctioning the country’s Prime Minister. The President said that the act would be an obstacle in diplomacy.

After a survey conducted in the USA, 60% of residents consider Iran a national threat. The negotiations between Tehran and Washington are veiled with permanent tension where the two governments are walking on a thread along the verge of war.

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