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The Flintstones Family in Bedrock City Gets New Neighbours
August 12, 2019
Flintstone house

Bedrock City, an amusement park on Route 64, closed its doors in late January this year. Meanwhile, while the fans all over the state nostalgically mourned the Flintstones-themed park and its treasures, the 30-acre property was sold. The new owners plan to update the home of the famous Stone Age family into a dinosaur park for kids.

Bedrock City has been entertaining different generations for over fifty years. The vicinity of busy roads made it a perfect stop for families. The famous Flintstones cartoon series was on the air for six years from the beginning of the ’60s. The show lived on in reruns for decades and was reinterpreted several times.

After five decades, a change is coming to the Bedrock attraction. The new owners, Ron Brown and Troy Morris, plan to revive the old city as the Raptor Ranch. The newly named park will have an educational program and offer its visitors a glimpse into the Stone Age when the raptorial birds flew across the sky. According to the new owners, the houses from the Flintstones era will still remain as part of the exhibit.

Morris enthusiastically explained the idea was to incorporate Fred’s and Barney’s house into the scenery as part of the Stone Age scenery but in a different section of the park grounds. The legendary Bedrock homes, together with the wooly mammoth, Bam Bam, and Pebbles, will take center stage in the kids’ area. The entertainment area for children will also include a dinosaur slide and Bedrock vehicles.

The new park will officially open in the fall, presenting the new attractions, birds of prey and prehistoric adventures. Morris and Brown got inspired to build the Raptor Park in 2004, but after a financial crisis, their dreams were on hold for some time. The two partners finally purchased the Bedrock lot this year. The plan for opening includes an invitation for people who came to Bedrock City in the past years to bring their photos.

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