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The Mesa Family Saved by the Neighbors During the Monsoon
August 21, 2019
Mesa Lightning House

The monsoon storm raided the city of Mesa. And while they were aware of the dangerous monsoon, the family never expected a bolt of lightning to hit their home. While safely tucked in their house, the neighbors saw a lightning blaze across the family’s roof and set out to inform them.

The monsoon season defines the weather in Arizona. The storms can bring cool rain, but they can also be extremely life-threatening. The flash flooding can be imminently dangerous. According to rescue teams, people in one town are unaware of flash floods, which are raging upstream. By the time the flood reaches downstream, everything happens in a flash.. Without notification, the entire city can be flooded.

The worst cases of rescue were during the vehicle rescue. A person, unaware of the amount of water flowing beside their car, can be washed away. Many rescue teams plead the residents not to drive during the storms. The rescuers mention three dangers during the monsoon season: dust storms, flash floods, and lightning. The last is what happened to Perez family home in Mesa.

On the night of the storm, the family was watching a TV show in their living room. While they bantered on the development of the television plot, the family was unpleasantly informed of the weather outside when the flash of lightning set their room alight followed by the booming sound. The head of the family, Gustavo Perez, thought the transformer was hit when he heard someone at the front door.

Perez’s wife Veronica explained she had been in shock when they opened the door and saw their neighbors gathered in front of the house. Some of them saw what had happened and decided to come and inform the family that their roof was on fire.

As her husband describes, they went into parent mode to save their children from bedrooms upstairs. The couple got their two children, three-year-old son and five-year-old daughter, and the family dog on the way out of the house.

According to the family, the boy was confused as to why they did not let him sleep, while their daughter, who understood the circumstances, was visibly shaken and frightened. The family explains that as soon as the lightning struck, the rain was pouring over Mesa. Veronica and her husband claim they are grateful to their neighbors for a timely reaction. Otherwise, the family would have been in grave danger.

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