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APS in Arizona Preparing for the Monsoons
September 13, 2019
Monsoons Arizona

Arizona Public Service Electric Company efficiently resolves all problems during the monsoon season. The team works around the clock when it comes to outages, fallen poles, or loss of power. The crew shares their daily challenges during the storms.

Monsoon storms can cause a lot of damage to the power lines, and the most common issues include fallen poles. During the season, the crew from Phoenix has an emergency case five times a week. As the team’s foreman Eric Eagar explains, the work starts during winter with maintenance while the company prepares for the summer storms.

Eagar explains that the company gets alerted once there is an outbreak. Before heading to the scene, the team decides on the equipment and tools depending on the problem. The assessment of the damage is done on the field. Depending on whether it is a broken pole or a power shortage, the job can last up to several days, explains Eager.

The supervisor crew consists of three men, himself, and two more colleagues. The work begins with the vehicle and the equipment required for the three men to solve the problem. There are different vehicles in disposition like a boom truck, bucket truck, Eagers vehicle, and Condor.

The different types of vehicles are required for various purposes. The Boom truck acts like a digger on occasions and is a mini crane. The crane can lift the workers to the pole height of 48 feet.

Eager explains that the height is quite significant when it comes to poles. He further illustrates the job on a 230-feet pole, which they would never do if there were not for Condor — the biggest vehicle on the fleet.

Safety is crucial in their line of work, and Eager and his team explain that after several accidents in the company, everybody started working by the book. It is not just their lives in danger, which is why the company often advises citizens not to touch fallen poles and stay away from the working area.

The APS team coordination works through the company’s app. The team is informed of the outage, how many customers have been affected, and provide an estimated time for completing the job.

The Supervisor of the APS stated that when calling the company, the customer should give as many details as possible for the team to bring the necessary tools and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. APS advises residents to stock up on first aid kits, flashlights, batteries, food items, and water during the monsoon seasons.

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