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What Started as a Prank Escalated Into an Expedition on Area 51
September 10, 2019
Area 51

Three Facebook pages were crowded a few days back when an entertaining and witty post reached thousands of people. The Belize Tourism company offered a tour of Area 51 for ten random winners. The post was a trick started by a California resident, who later on realized there were over 500,000 people interested in the secretive military base.

Area 51 is a part of a highly guarded military base in Nevada. For decades, the secrecy of the fence piqued the interest of UFO aficionados as well as scientists. The curiosity grew over the ages, and many TV shows and movies depict the facilities as holding cells for extraterrestrial beings.

Matty Roberts sent the post “Storm Area 51” on June 27; the prankster later explained his social media campaign to the local news. The 20-year-old wrote a post quite humorously, declaring their tool against the bullets would be a “Naruto run.” The alleged Belize Tourism Office claimed the meeting would take place at the “Alien Center tourist attraction.”

Despite the obvious, thousands of people responded to his post saying they would be there in September, just as the post’s call to action indicated. At first, Matty was entertained by his pun, but then, 40 people turned into a crowd of half a million. Robertson was bewildered by the possibility that the FBI might come knocking on his door and decided to expose himself.

There were many responses to the post, including warnings of U.S. scientists. The renowned names claimed that the Nevada Test and Training Range, which includes Area 51, will not let anyone inside the premises.

The spokeswoman from the military base explained that the U.S. Army was aware of the post, as well as the fact that there would be no entrance. She further added that the Nevada Training Range was a battlespace to test military tactics and strategies. Any trespassing is discouraged, stated the spokeswoman.

The joke which started ended quite interestingly for Robertson, as he was contacted by several persons who could offer education on the subject. He also added that he would visit the desert base for educational purposes, stating the truth was out there. However, Robertson confessed the visit would clearly not include Naruto running through the dark of early morning hours.

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