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Arizona Needs 50% More Physicians and Surgeons
October 24, 2019
Physicians and Surgeons

According to recent research of IHS Markit and their life science division, Arizona has a deficit in doctors, which is predicted to increase to thousands by 2023. The state is in dire need of more than 563 physicians in primary care.

Arizona population has been growing, and with that growth comes a visible shortage of medical staff, more precisely, physicians and surgeons. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) announced that the real number could be 31,000 in primary care.

Rural Arizona is the most affected region with a shortage of 563 physicians. To eliminate the gap in primary care, the state opted for assertive recruiting of new talents. However, the growing deficit cannot be covered with a small number of graduating professionals. Thus, the country is forced to reconsider its options of importing professionals or finding a way to broaden the scope of cadre rapidly.

There are currently 3,808 physicians employed in primary care. Due to the age of the presently working doctors, more than 30% will retire in the following years, which leaves primary care void of professional staff. During the ’70s, the generation of current medical practitioners was involved in a state program which let physicians learn through practice.

The plan was to fill in the required medical positions in the state. The Abrazo Care residency program was once home to the practitioners currently employed in the system. The project was based on the university-education model and introducing physicians to practice.

The state once again turned to this model and launched two projects in July 2019. The two new projects will accept 45 internal medicine and 15 surgeon residents. Local physicians will guide the curriculum in a real-world environment, where participants will acquire knowledge and skills through practice.

Following the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Arizona is under pressure to reconsider the adequate method of ensuring the citizens get acceptable medical care. Due to aging and population growth, the state needs means of supporting the primary care system.

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