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Caller ID Spoofing Still a Dishonest Tool to Use for Personal Gain
October 18, 2019
Phone Call

The frequency of caller ID spoofing has induced the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to take action against the lawbreakers who continually use scamming for personal profit.

The agency received over 35,000 complaints this year. The victims were tricked through caller ID or message spoofing. The term spoofing defines the fraudulent action of deliberately changing the ID of a phone number to appear as if the person was calling from the victim’s vicinity or a trustworthy company.

Spoofing is not only a fraudulent act through phones but emails and websites as well. The frequency of cases has forced the FCC to act upon the criminals trying to steal personal information or money by using deception.

“The Truth in Caller ID” was an act delivered in 2009 to prohibit everyone taking a counterfeit or misleading action to knowingly change their caller ID, thus, using deceit to gain access to individuals personal information or finances.

The FCC Chairman warns that the individuals calling the victim present themselves as a bank or credit bureau clerks seeking additional information. Additionally, the deceiver can also introduce themselves as a member of any company, asking additional, or most likely, urgent questions.

The urgency of communication is what makes most people answer truthfully. Majority of them never suspects foul play until it is too late. Chairman Ajit Pai explains that the agency has taken action to put an end to these frauds. The swindlers which are mostly stationed outside the borders of the U.S. should be prosecuted and charged for their deeds, added Pai.

The recent voting on the issue was addressing the matter of carriers being able to use wireless technology to show the real identity of the person calling. The decision to act upon scamming is one in the string of measures FCC issued during the past years. The Commission issued the highest fines in 2018 to penalize the malicious phone calls directed to the U.S. citizens.

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