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Health Department Concerned for the Decrease in Vaccination
October 11, 2019
Immune Your Children

Parents in the U.S. can choose not to vaccinate their little ones by filling in the exemption form. The Departments of Health and Education expressed concern that the outbreak of measles among kindergarten and school children can substantially increase in the following period.

In the U.S., parents have the choice not to treat their children. The immunization is required for enrolling children in public or charter schools. The state allows the guardian to fill out an exemption form. The form cites parents’ reasons why their child should not be immunized.

Recent years show a growing number of parents opting to exclude their kids from the program. Arizona State Health Department acknowledges that, in the last decade, the exemptions have increased from 1.4% to 5.9% among kindergarten age. The number clearly shows that there are less treated children in schools in contrast to previous years.

To make an appeal to the parents, the State Health Department and Department of Education developed a partnership to reach out to schools. Director of HR and Services C. Christ explains that there is a rapid increase in measles among school children. The appeal to raise awareness about vaccination is addressed to parents who express doubt in the efficiency and integrity of the medicine.

The letter contains an explanation of the vaccines and assures parents that the products are among the most tested and controlled ones in the entire pharmaceutical industry. Fearing the further outbreak of measles, the partnered divisions explained the illness. In accordance to pediatrician advice, the child with the mentioned medical condition will have to be excused from school for 21 days, which is a long period for a working custodian.

The decrease in vaccination has opened many arguments, and Representative K. Townsend explains that the letter does not tap into the voluntary act which is allowed by the law. According to her, the letter only attempts to raise understanding of the situation and increase the number of immunized preschool children.

The increased rates of exemptions are not only due to concerns about the possible dangers of the vaccine. For the last few years, parents have stated other types of reasons including religious position, personal conviction, and medical justification.

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