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Pyongyang Fights Fire With Fire — Another Set of Missile Launches
October 1, 2019
North Korean Missiles

Short-range missiles landed off the coast while North Korea tested their weapons several times. According to South Korea’s military office, this was the third time in fourteen days their neighboring country fired ballistic missiles into the country’s waters.

The southern military officials stated that such a rocket system could pose a threat to the nation. The launches began around 3 a.m. The military chief of Staff observations claims that the newly developed projectile flew across the coastline and landed over a hundred miles away.

The first missile test was observed by Kim Jong-Un several days ago. According to military officials, the ballistic weapons pose a threat to peace negotiations between the two countries. The Defense Minister of Japan stated the missiles did not reach the island’s waters.

Prior to the multiple rocket testings, the European countries France, the United Kingdom, and Germany pressed North Korea’s leaders to seize the testing. The alliance also expressed the stern opinion that northern diplomats should join purposeful talks with UN to destroy its nuclear weapons.

North Korea's Missiles

The Northern response was persuading South Korea to abandon the negotiations with the U.S. and proceed with economic growth beneficial for both markets. North Korea also added that these tests were a precaution against South Korea, which recently made a purchase of a high technology military airplane from the United States. Pyongyang addressed their continuous testing as an aggression drill.

The country’s head of state is well aware of the U.S. military base south of South Korea’s capital. Presidents Trump’s response to North Korean weapons was that the missiles were quite common and that the U.S. would not be intimidated by a display of force.

The experts regard the escalated testing as a North Korean increasing aggravation with the nuclear compromise. The U.S. and South Korean progressive military training deepens the conflict on the peninsula over hindered negotiations.

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